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Why the Muse Storytelling Process?

It's time to tell your best story. With every film you make.

  • Make More Moving Films

    Reliably create films that make your audience feel something and get played over and over.

  • Gain Confidence

    Learn the science of story along with a stepwise process and gain incredible confidence in your creative vision.

  • Triple Your Profits

    Learn how to pitch story and a results-driven process to increase your value.

  • Be Your Best Filmmaker

    Life is to short to settle for mediocre. Your creative vision deserves the opportunity to reach as many people as possible.


Patrick Moreau

Founder of Muse Storytelling

It's hard to know who to trust. I get that. Especially with online education–it seems like everybody claims they can change your life in just one click.


So here's the deal. 


I'm a filmmaker of nearly 3de929e91c06abdb7e9972d131b4bf0cc82a666c67897b54b95b4516faf08b400770abd20fcdddc61c40c368124b6cf8e3f7b06737f5990d5df58c07dbe6fc61eoBp4eQbGe3Pnke%2FMG44DfH%2Far8Kezm0BS51vhqjTAY%3D4 years. I've had times where I wanted to quit because my backlog, my clients, and the work was all so very depressing.


Muse isn't a silver bullet. There is no magic cure. But Muse will bring more intention, clarity, and confidence to every film you're creating.


Those who master the process have seen over ten fold gains in what they can charge, not to mention work they are proud to put into the world.


Take a few moments and watch this short film on why story matters to me. If you have any questions, concerns, or doubts–please reach out. We're happy to help you find the right solution for you. 

Master the science of story.

Created by pairing a decade of Emmy-award-winning filmmaking experience with the leading scientific research around storytelling. 

  • Narrative Transportation

    That feeling of getting lost in a story–Narrative Transportation is one of the leading ways that story can drive perspective and behavior change.

  • Character Identification

    A feeling of oneness with the character in the story. Increasing Identification helps to emotionally connect your audience to the story.

  • Landscape of Consciousness

    Understanding how to embrace a Landscape of Consciousness to connect your audience to the specific experienced moments increases the connection to the story along with its believability.

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Lifetime Access to the Muse Storytelling Process

  • Hours Of Meticulously Crafted Video Tutorials

  • 3de929e91c06abdb7e9972d131b4bf0cc82a666c67897b54b95b4516faf08b400770abd20fcdddc61c40c368124b6cf8e3f7b06737f5990d5df58c07dbe6fc61eoBp4eQbGe3Pnke%2FMG44DfH%2Far8Kezm0BS51vhqjTAY%3D00% Two-Week Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Five Bonus Webinars To Learn Live With Muse

  • Downloadable Recaps And Worksheets



Overall, the biggest ROI has been confidence. I can stand in front of anyone and believe in the words I'm saying rather than hoping someone wouldn't call my bluff. 

Alex Widmer

Filmmaker + Storyteller

I was able to take a client who often did $7,000 projects with us and land our first $25,000 gig. The process has been life-changing.


James Honce

Owner of 3rd Street Films

We were in a never ending battle to provide the lowest rates just to land jobs. I can tell you, without a doubt, that the Muse single handedly saved our business.


Kaleb Kohart

Founder/Filmmaker of Studio C3