Crypto is changing the world whether you're ready or not.

We met with Richard Heart, founder of HEX, to explore the impact of cryptocurrency and how it is transforming our world. This film is projected to reach MILLIONS of people... but it won’t happen alone. We need you. HEX needs YOU. First, watch the sizzle reel below. Second, consider supporting the film by donating to the production. Third, submit your name or handle to be included in the special thanks of the film's credits :)

Thank You For Helping Us Bring This Important Story to Life 

A huge thank you to our Executive Producer KNTX for leading the way and believing in this film from the beginning. We also have an amazing team of Producers in BigK and RG3. Together, their investment helped to ensure this film would become a reality and the principal production is underway!


We so appreciate your support in helping us meet our initial production budget by exceeding the $482k US we had hoped to raise. That means a custom composed soundtrack, a more highh-profile narrator, helicopter cameras, and more. Crypto is a space that many don’t take seriously. So it is of the utmost importance that this film is produced in a way that turns heads and makes people pay attention.


Our official donation period ended on Friday, October 1st at midnight 11:59 pm PST. The top three donors will all receive VIP tickets to the official film premiere and an opportunity to meet Richard Heart. VIEW THE LEADERBOARD BELOW *Travel is not included, and access is pending security clearance.  


You are still welcome to support our film. Our stretch goal would include going after a celebrity narrator. All donations include the option of having your name or avatar listed in the special thanks of the film's credits. You can donate in any of the following cryptocurrencies – ETH, HEX, USDC.

If the wallet info doesn't load, you can copy and paste it here:

WALLET: 0x6A3ba4c01091811a85625499533d7B8Db8d9D2Bf

*Use the wallet info to transfer ETH, HEX, or USDC and help us make this film. Please fill out how you would like to be credited with the link above.

The Leaderboard

The top three contributors, by a single donation, are listed below. Please email us ( if you think you spot an error.

Henry Duran HEXconductor

100,033 USDC


225,000 HEX


170,000 HEX

Want to nominate a story to be considered for the film?

Whether it's you or somebody you know, we are looking for the greatest stories of transformation and change due to Hex or cryptocurrency. Please take 5 minutes to nominate a story below.

Production Timeline

  • SEPTEMBER 2021

    Fundraising & Story Development

    • Character Outreach
    • Story Development
    • Storyboard Development
    • Production Planning
  • OCTOBER 2021 - MARCH 2022

    Principal Production

    • Exclusive Coverage of Richard Heart During Pulse Launch
    • Additional Character Interviews
    • Additional Production as Dictated by Storyfinding
    • Exotic Locations
  • MARCH 2022 - MAY 2022

    Post-Production & Finishing

    • Editing of The Film
    • Development of Custom Animations
    • Custom Music Composition
    • Focus Groups & Testing
    • Unique Color Grading to Suit Story
  • Q3 2022 - Q4 2022

    Official Premiere & Distribution

    • Official Movie Premiere in TBD Location
    • Goal of a Top 5 OTT (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu)
    • Media Plan with a PR Team & Launch Strategy

Why support?

This Story Matters

The majority of the population doesn't understand crypto & the role it plays in our future. This is your chance to play an integral role in bringing a vital film that highlights Richard Heart, HEX/Pulse and crypto in general.

Get Credited In The Special Thanks

For everybody who supports our film by making a donation, you'll have the opportunity to submit your name, avatar, or pseudonym to be included in the official film credits in the 'special thanks' section. Credits will be listed in the order of donation amount with the largest being at the top.

Stories Move Markets

A documentary that can reach, inspire, and educate millions will invite many new people into the space. If you're well invested in HEX or other cryptos currently, helping to create this film will be a strong way to drive the markets and further adoption outside of the current crypto sphere.

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Our studio is in Portland, OR, USA